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Like many of you, I relocated to North Carolina from another part of the country and have thoroughly enjoyed living, exploring and working in the Triangle. As a realtor I enjoy getting to know my clients, their personal needs and learning how I can best help them either buy or sell a home within the booming Triangle market.
As a Business Graduate/Professional, I have been able to use my analytical, problem solving and negotiation skills to help my real estate clients. I have been successful in helping my clients negotiate a better price, negotiate repairs/ financial concessions, and in those difficult multiple offer scenarios I have helped my clients submit a winning offer.
What I enjoy most about working in Real Estate is helping my clients solve the challenges they face. People don’t often realize the many problems that can arise when buying or selling a home but they happen and when they do you want an experienced, helpful and caring problem solver in your corner.
If you are interested in relocating to the Triangle from another part of NC, another state or another country I would be happy to meet with you to discuss why thousands of people are relocating to North Carolina and show you different property options in popular areas of the Triangle. I also work with investors who are either flipping properties within the Triangle or who are looking for long term rental property investments.
I grew up outside New York City, went to Northeastern University in Boston (majored in Business) and have visited most continents around the world. In my personal time, I love learning about different cultures, eating international foods and spending time outdoors with family, friends and my dog. I also like to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity with my church.
Para las personas hispanohablantes, mi nombre es Christian Varela y yo soy un Agente de Bienes Raices aquí en Carolina del Norte. Si busca comprar o vender una vivienda yo les puede ayudar. Telefono: 919-906-5404